Palengke Link Exampe

Earn extra income by delivering from your local Palengke. Control your time. Open to part-time and full-time.

Delivery riders are the unsung heroes of the CoViD-19 pandemic. By becoming a PalengkeLink delivery rider, you not only help promote social distancing, you also help people keep safe from the ever present danger of CoVid-19 while doing what you love– riding your motorcycle. You can apply as a part-time or as a full time rider-partner. The more deliveries you make in a day, the higher pay you receive.



How to become a Palengkelink Rider?
Download the Palengkelink Rider app for free. Just fill up the information required and upload the pictures of the documents required for verification

The requirements include:
( 2 Valid Pictures, TIN, NBI Clearance, Drivers License, Recent Picture, OR CR, 3 Picture of the Vehicle, (Front, Back and Side), Bank Accounts )

Please ensure that all the contact details that you enter are complete and correct. Once your registration is submitted, a Palengkelink representative will verify those information and document. Once verified, you will receive a verification code. And you can now start accepting orders

Once Verified, please prepare for the following steps
  •    Online Video Training

  •    Online Exam

  •    Online Interview

  •    Actual

If you are qualified, you will get your longsleve shirt, Insulated Motorbox and optionally a Gcash Sim Card.

What are the benefits of Becoming a Palengkelink Driver?
  •    Online and Easy Application

  •    More Take-home Earnings

  •    Control your time, open for Part-time/Full Time

  •    Free insurance after 22 days of Service within 1 calendar month

What is the Palengkelink Fare Structure?
  •    15KG or below = Motorcylce

  •    Base fare ₱60 + ₱8/km

  •    15kG -100 KG = Car

  •    Base fare ₱250 + ₱20/km

What if I need more time to deliver the order?
We understand that certain road or weather conditions can slow down your delivery. If you need more time to deliver an order, contact the passenger to let them know the reason why you're running late. Most customers are understanding when you explain to them nicely.

How to report some issue?
  • Feel free to call our support hotline

  •    Globe (0956-260-2094)

  •    Smart (0961-718-0066)

  •    Viber (0956-174-0217)

  • Example of issues:

  •    Apps Issue

  •    Wallet Issues

  •    Cannot Locate Customer